The Institute

ILE-Berlin is a private educational institute, located in Berlin. It concentrates on European educational projects and activities in the areas of vocational training and education, adult education and labour. Our aims are to initiate European exchange within these fields, to integrate into educational processes gender & diversity as concepts for more equal chances and acknowledgement, and to bring innovative approaches with European dimensions into education and labour.

The Team

Tanja Völker, Politician, MBA, Head of the office
Tanja Völker has been working for many years in Germany and abroad in the field of economics, education, and vocational training, which shapes her professional background of lifelong learning.  

Isabel Scheckenbach, Educator
Isabel Scheckenbach an educator with many years of international experience and extensive experience in various areas of education. Since May 2010 she is responsible for the receiving part in the mobility projects in Berlin.

Tina Dürr, Educator
Tina Dürr is an educator with several years of experience in international education with a special focus on intercultural training, global education, gender and diversity. She is responsible for the sending mobility projects in Europe and ILE´s seminars and workshop offer.

Andreas Adrian, Managing Director and co-owner of the private Institute
With nearly 20 years of professional experience in the European vocational training in 4 European countries, he brings practical experience and know-how to the young institution. He worked in the management and counseling for government departments which gives him a solid management experience and extensive networking with various agencies and institutions.

Members of the Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council of ILE-Berlin is a board of scientist, working in different academic fields. They bring manifold professional competences in issues of lifelong learning in Europe into the cooperation with ILE-Berlin. The council provides ILE-Berlin with innovations and guarantees a high quality to the activities done by the institute. Our common aim is to foster actively the connection between science and practice within the fields of lifelong learning in Europe.

Dr. Peter Bak
Mister Bak is working in the fields of marketing, regional development, communication and psychology. Besides his activity as a project manager and management consultant, he is giving lectures at Universities, e.g. since march 2007 at the University of Applied sciences Mainz, with the subjects psychology and marketing.

Prof. Dr. Heidrun Herzberg

Misses Herzberg is working as a lecturer ("Juniorprofessorin") at the Humboldt University Berlin. Her main fields of research are research of educational biography and lifewide learning. Next to the lectures she offers a research workshop, in which (Ph D) students work together with qualitative empirical research material.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Nowak

Mr. Nowak is Professor for sociology at the Alice Salomon University of applied science Berlin. His main research activities are focused on "migration and ethnical conflicts in Europe", "globalisation and its impacts on society" and on "Leitkultur and parallel societies". He is the director of the Europe Institute for Social Work Berlin.

Dr. Klaus Jürgen Rupp
The economist and sociologist Mr. Rupp gave lectures at the University Gießen over ten years. Besides that, he did work in the field of adult education, leading an educational organisation and coordinating Leonardo da Vinci pilote projects. He is currently working at the agency of employment in Gießen, service for employers, being responsible for the contacts to companies.